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Make your favorite classic drinks

Guess who just became a bartender... You did! Boom Cups make it easy to mix the perfect drink every time. How? Because every Boom Cup has drink recipes printed right on the cup. Are you going to serve a drink without a cup... probably not, so you'll always have the recipes right in front of you.

Each "Classic Boom Cup" comes with recipes for these popular drinks:

  • Cosmo
  • Long Island Iced-T
  • Manhattan
  • Margarita
  • F-BOOM ("Classic Boom Cup" Signature Recipe)

Simply fill the cup with ice, then add the booze and mixers to their fill line, and BOOM... You've got the perfect mixed drink every time!

BE YOUR OWN BARTENDER... with Boom Cups!

Available in 20 & 50 count bags

Boom Cups are currently being sold in quantities of 20 or 50 cups per bag. So if you're having a party in the park, on the beach, in the yard, in a field, or in a parking lot, you'll always have enough Boom Cups to go around.

Boom Cups are 100% recyclable & made right here in the USA!

The "Classic Boom Cup" is only the beginning... More of your favorite recipes are on their way.

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